Writing Excuses: An Inspiration Cauldron Post

So a little while ago, we talked about my inspiration cauldron, and I linked the Writing Excuses website, but I wanted to officially introduce this wonderful resource to you.

I listen to them as Podcasts, usually on Sunday mornings, with my husband.

Writing Excuses has been a huge encouragement and a great tool in my writing career. I always point budding and wishful authors to them, because no matter what genre you’re working on, they can help.

Each episode is about 15 minutes long and is hosted by four diverse authors: Brandon Sanderson (who is my favorite contemporary author- if you’ve never read anything by him go buy Mistborn this second), Mary Robinette Kowal (I just got one of her books this Christmas and I AM SO excited to read it), Dan Wells (who is well known for his horror novels, but writes other genres as well), and Howard Tayler (who is a prolific comic writer and illustrator. Comic as in the art form, not stand-up. Though I bet he’d be smashing at that too). They also often have special guests- mostly authors.


Writing Excuses is so helpful to me- start at the beginning (I wish I had because I seriously don’t remember what I have and haven’t listened to) and listen all the way through. If I had the free time, I’d listen to one every morning before I wrote and let the residual brilliance guide me through to the end of the writing day.

In the podcast, they talk about a set topic (say, fantasy food or maps in books or just about any genre, sub-genre, and writing technique or question you can think up).

They also give the listener/writer a challenge that goes along with the topic.

AND they highlight a book they’ve read and liked (lifegoal: get featured positively on Writing Excuses)

So. Get out there and listen. I promise it’s worth it, whether you’re new at writing, have been up to scribbling down your ideas for longer than I have (hey, it’s almost 20 years, so don’t give me that), and whether you’re struggling or not.

I know you’ll love it just as much as I do.


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