SHUTEYE by Bronson McLeod


Thank you to author Bronson McLeod and the entire Seven Social team for the chance to review this book: Shuteye: Welcome to America.


Keith has always wanted to make a difference, but as a regular guy surrounded by superheroes, that dream has always seemed unattainable. That is, until he’s tapped for Shuteye, a secret government program founded in case of apocalypse—and in Keith’s world, the end of the world can come in many forms. From a meteor on a collision course with Earth to the always-possible threat of nuclear war, the Shuteye program is humanity’s only hope for rebuilding if the unthinkable happens.

Which, of course, it does.

When Keith wakes up fifty years into post-apocalyptic America, alone and in a secret military base, he has one mission: reunite with his teammates, find any other surviving members of the Shuteye program, and help rebuild civilization. On the way he must battle zombies, feral mutated humans, outlaws, and mysterious, grotesque super soldiers, all while avoiding capture in a world ruled by women.

This unique, cross-genre survival story is a non-stop action-packed science fiction thriller that ignores boundaries and answers the age-old question: What happens after the apocalypse?


Now, first of all, this book is a little out of my wheelhouse. I typically gravitate toward fantasy, YA, and fairy tales. This book is none of those things but my friends, buckle up.


I got strong Battlestar Galactica vibes from the first 1/3 of the book and the latter 2/3 was like Transformers + the Walking Dead.

Also, I should note that I’ve seen only a bit of Battlestar Galactica and NONE of the Walking Dead, and so I could totally be off base but that crisp action? That intense military + survival feel? That man vs. machines? That sci-fi and yet apocalyptic terror? This book has that in spades. It really and truly was like stepping into an alternate-future earth, with the SHUTEYE team, and at each turn, I felt as bewildered and determined to survive as they did.

I can’t help but feel that to a seasoned sci-fi lover, or a thriller lover, or you who love end-of-the-world, post-apocalypse stories, SHUTEYE would find an appreciative target audience.

The main POV character, Keith, was the perfect character through whom to see the story. The rest of team SHUTEYE (with two POC characters!) was balanced, dynamic, and serious #squadgoals! The world in 2070 is terrifying and fascinating, and the details were amazing. You don’t want to miss it, honestly.


The plot was: survive. Maybe I’m more used to a different plot structure, but halfway through it felt more like a TV episode and less like a book! Which is fine, except it meant that I’d lost sight of the overall goal, which was just survival.

Once or twice, the description of Lahela annoyed me. She was a great character, all in all, but the description of her frailty here and there got under my skin just a tad.

Trigger warnings:
– A lot of violence (but then you knew that coming in)
– Rape
– Sex


Thriller, Sci-fi, action and adventure fans, add Shuteye to your Goodreads and then go and find it on Amazon! I’m doing a giveaway next week on my #bookstagram, so come and enter for a chance to win a copy.


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