Short Stories

Short Stories

All of these stories appeared also blog posts at one point or another, but I thought to have them all in one place was a nice idea.

You’ll notice art that’s clearly not my own attached to each photo. These are the prompts that my husband or I chose to jumpstart each story. If you think the art and photos are awesome, you should seek out their creators on DeviantArt and Pinterest.

Please note that this list will change depending upon whether the works are accepted for publication. So far, my only applications have been to the Ezine Deep Magic.

The Diadem of Dieyu

Prompt: “Death is lighter than a feather, and life heavier than the mountains.”

Those words were impressed upon every shazi who guarded the border in the farthest south. Those words were recited, like a prayer, by the monks who visited once every three months, to hear….

The King’s Metal

Prompt: The protagonist deftly pilots the “borrowed” boat into the cathedral. All of their team is dead or arrested, but there is one last thing they must do. The cool metal of the xiann is a comforting weight in their palm. 

“Everything sounded different inside the Grand Cathedral…”

The Life of Mirrors

Excerpt: The first time a child disappeared from the Main Street Antique store in the small town of Attica, New York, people thought he had just slipped outside unnoticed, that he’d just wandered off and been snatched. The boy’s name was Adam, and though the police searched high and low…

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