My Giant Paris Map: Explained

Some of you commented on my fabulous 1705 Paris map that’s hanging above my desk in this post about my workspaces, and I thought I’d explain it.

While attempting to find some lighting for my new apartment, I ran across this image on Dot and Bo.

Photo taken from Dot& for visual purposes. I do not own this image.

*dreamy eyes* Isn’t it just fantastic? I fell in love with it instantly. But it’s between $60-$90, depending on size PLUS shipping, which is about 25% of that cost. I don’t have that kind of budget– ever, and especially not in the winter.

So I kind of gave up. Sadly, regretfully, with a few sniffles of longing.

Then I remembered something I’d seen on Pinterest who knows how long ago:

TRY THIS: Color Engineer Prints

This image is from A Beautiful Mess. I do not own this image.

And I thought, surely it wouldn’t hurt to try. So I set off attempting to find that lovely map image. And at first, I failed, and failed, and failed. I’m not a fan of the fuzzy, oversized image; I wanted crystal clear map-ness. Because who wants a map you can’t read?

And maybe I gave up again.

But then I discovered the most amazing thing online…

The Library of Congress Map Collection

It has massive files of old maps that are now in the public domain. And lo and behold, my 1705 map of Paris was just waiting. My husband compressed it, and I had it printed on for about $8 + $10 shipping and handling.

That’s less than $20. For this giant, gorgeous map of my dreams.

File May 08, 09 41 36




5 thoughts on “My Giant Paris Map: Explained

  1. What a coincidence! I was just browsing through the Library of Congress Map Collection last night. WHAT A RESOURCE! I specifically was checking out landowners’ maps, which label tracts of land with the owner’s name! I found several ancestors plots of land…a genealogical gold-mine! (Guess what I will be doing tonight… Yep, looking through old maps online… lol)

    1. It’s fantastic, Isn’t it? I’d love to get one of London, too, but then I’d have to find a place for it….

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