JORD Frankie Watch

This is not a lifestyle blog but I’d like to let you in on my JORD watch Giveaway!


Nobody panic. I’m not turning this book and graveyard centric blog into a lifestyle blog. I’m not nearly organized enough for that, neither am I passionate about it. So this post is going to seem out of character, but just trust me. I’m doing this for you, because I love my JORD watch so much. I know you’ll love yours too.

Enter to win a $100 gift card to JORD watches


Over on my Bookstagram, I’ve been talking about this giveaway for a few weeks but I wanted to give you a chance to enter as well! The watch pictured above is my own JORD Frankie, and I honestly love it. I have tiny hands so it looks huge and expensive on me, but I’m here to tell you it’s elegant, durable, and just plain classy. I wore mine to dinner last night and felt like a fancy lady. 🙂

The deadline for entering is tomorrow, the 22nd, so you should hop on that now. You have nothing to lose, honestly, and if you’re not a watch person yourself, these make fantastic gifts and you can get them engraved. Know anyone with an important birthday, anniversary, or life event? This would be a great way to show them you love them.


Check out my bookstagram! I’m sure there will be other giveaways like this one soon.


Thanks for being here, supporting me, and being wonderful. I love and appreciate all of you.