Introducing My New WIP: a {Project} Post


Hello, everyone! I’ve been teasing you for a little while now about a NEW idea I’m working on, and I thought perhaps I should formally introduce it.

For now, the story is going to be referred to as {Project}. This is because I don’t have a satisfactory title for it yet… and I like the mystique behind the curly brackets.

It’s been quite a while since I was working on any sort of novel at all, and I don’t want to give it all away, but here is a little information:

{Project} is a stand alone novel.
~ Why? Because I want to feel like this is my one and only chance to make it a good story. I can’t rely on a sequel or a series to do it. I  have this ONE novel.
~ Will I consider a sequel? ^ See above. That’s not to say I won’t write another novel with the same characters or in the same world, but I do not plan on making this into series. (Plans might change. I’m not promising)

{Project} is a totally new book. It contains none of my previous characters. None. Don’t ask to see Robin or Theloq because you won’t. As much as we all love them.

{Project} will be a work of fiction.

{Project} will be written under my pen name. ‘Amanda Bradburn’ while also a pen name now that I am married, is my pen name for my children’s books. I’ll have a new and improved nom de plume for my YA and Adult novels. (That’s mostly because there are many, many women by the name of ‘Amanda George’ in the world.)

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