Hey there, Dreamer

     Hey there, writer, dreamer, artist. Things been tough lately? Work or school seems to eat up all your time and by the time you get to that blank page . . . there’s no room in your energy store for anything? The moment you put pen to paper, there’s no good inspiration left anywhere? And unlike when you were a kid and could think for hours on end about your stuff (books, artwork, dreams), now your mind is filled with the dates of the French   Revolution or how many omelets to make tomorrow or when the next shipment comes in that you’ll have to inventory or stock. And amidst all the things you have to remember, all the things you want to remember start to fade.

 It’s the transition. The time in your life when you really have to start thinking hard about who you are and what you want to be.
        Do I really want to write/art/dream?

 It’s so hard when questions like that– questions you’d never thought you’d wonder– start swimming into your head while you drive to work, or roll over at 5:20 AM to get up so you can not be late for work (not so you could write).

 Hang on. Maybe this is your testing grounds, the days when you can discern what really matters and what doesn’t. Maybe the answer for you is that you ought to put those dreams aside so you can reach that larger goal. Take a deep breath- it’s ok to put your writing on hold. Just remember the magic. Don’t forget to appreciate those worlds inside your head, even if you can’t now write them down and flesh them out. Don’t let that magic die– don’t stop loving the dreamings.
And someday, when that degree is earned, or you’ve finally finished your big project at work, or you just simply can come back to yourself again, you can go back to that dusty cupboard where you let the magic live and thrive, and it will be yours again.

 Welcome to my website, everyone! Those who used to follow my blog will remember this post from about a year ago, but I thought it could use another go-around here.

3 thoughts on “Hey there, Dreamer

  1. Don’t give up writing! Never give up. I have six kids. I teach part time. I have a husband I like to keep happy and a house I like to keep clean. I have church responsibilities. And yet, somehow I managed to win National Novel Writing Month this year. (Philippians 4:13 comes to mind.) Writing is MY hobby. After years of deeply analyzing why I write, I’ve accepted that. It’s what I do for me, and it ok to have time for me sometimes. I keep my priorities straight, of course, but it’s ok for me to include that among them.

    1. I’m so impressed by you! I really really wanted to do NaNo, and I’ve said that every year.
      I like that very much “it’s okay for me to include that among them.”
      Thanks for the comment.

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