Curious Names: A Genealogy Post

If you’ve managed to delve into your ancestry at all, I’ll bet you’ve run across some pretty unique names. Some of them were common in their day and have just fallen out of faver- but some are truly strange. Take a gander at these:

Henry Clay Keeton: 1852-1929- (My great-great grandfather)

Henry Clay Keeton
Henry Keeton

Easter Rose: 1852-1945- (My great-great-grandmother)

Astro South Arnett: 1874-1957 (great-great-grandfather)

Mehitable Aspinwall: 1700- 1788 (6th great-grandmother)

Jemima Younglove: 1730-1770 (5th great-grandmother)

Remember Palfrey- 1638-1701 (8th great-grandmother)

Wellington Julian Bradburn 1858-1937 (great-great-grandfather)

Pain Converse 1706-1781 (7th great-grandfather)

Wouter Pieterse Quackenbosch: (1644-1722) (9th great-grandfather)


Which one is your favorite? And have you come across any fantastic names in your research?



2 thoughts on “Curious Names: A Genealogy Post

  1. Since reading this post, I have been unable to peruse my family tree without looking for odd names. For example, I was just working on one of my spouse’s lines and found another curious ancestor name that I thought you might appreciate: Rose Thorn (1662–1702), my spouse’s 9th great-grandmother.

  2. Your family names are a hoot, Amanda! I particularly like Astro South Arnett, Remember Palfrey, and Pain Converse… Pain! Who in their right mind would EVER name a child that… unless it was a truly difficult childbirth! Then maybe… 🙂

    I am so glad that I am not the only family member with questionable names! Here are some of mine:

    My 4th great-grandfather—Ezbon Rose Cole (1810–1882)
    My 4th great-grandfather—Rumsey Shuler Watts (1810–1896)
    My 5th great-grandfather—Nehemiah Payne (1782–?)
    My spouse’s 5th, 6th and 7th great-grandfathers—Asa Croasmun (1769–1828), Theophilus Crossman (1743–1826) and Barnabas Crossman (1701–1744)
    My 6th great-grandmother—Keziah Biven (1744–1788)
    My 7th great-grandmother—Grissel Hay (1678–1741)
    My 7th great-grandfather—Moses Sample (1733–1824)
    My spouse’s 10th great-grandmother—Theodate Bachiler (1596–1649)
    My 10th great-grandmother—Hopestill Holway (1646–1715)
    My 11 great-grandmother—Scollis Pemberton (1594–?)
    My 12th great-grandfather—Bartholomew Taliaferro (1530–1601)

    and my favorite of the bunch… drum roll, please…
    My 2nd great-grandmother—Ella Veda Long (1859–1922)—Yep, you read right… Ella Veda.

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