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amandaWelcome to the About Section of Amanda Bradburn's website!

Hello! I’m the editor/ author and voice around here. My name is Amanda George. To clarify: since ‘Amanda Bradburn’ (my maiden name) is so much more uncommon than ‘Amanda George’, I thought I’d just stick with that. Please connect with me on social media- I’d love to get to know you as well! I love a lot of things, most of which I incorporate into my site:

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You can find a growing selection of short stories here on the website, both in my ‘blog‘ section and in my ‘short stories‘ section. I’m also working on a historical fantasy novel called {Project}, and there will be regular updates on it every month.

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In 2016, I completed editing certification through Poynter’s News University. I offer freelance edits of all kinds. For more information about that, please see the ‘Freelance Editing’ tab.

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Digging up secrets in my family tree is one of my favorite things. The other thing I love a lot is to help you discover your ancestry. Please contact me through the form below and let’s chat!

I’ve managed to trace my lineage back to Adam. The Adam. The first Adam. (as long as those long-dead Celtic kings weren’t lying, but let’s face it, they probably were) I have posted a couple series of blog posts on this subject, including: A is for: A Genealogy Study and a Guide to Getting Your Family Tree Started. 

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I love reading, and in fact, when I moved to Colorado, I brought 35+ boxes of books with me! I’ve started a #bookstagram and I’d love for you to join me there! The social media links in the upper right-hand corner of this page will take you there, or you can click here.

Publishers/ authors: please email me (Amanda) at amandabradburn@ymail.com for review requests. I only accept physical book copies, and I guarantee only my honest and heartfelt opinion.

May the magic of all good storytelling be yours!

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