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Why hello, there, my good follower. You may have noticed that the genealogy posts have waned a bit and books have taken their place. Never fear, this is not a permanent alteration… I just don’t have time for either, so everything is scheduled many moons in advance.

And since we all like cake

and books

I thought this would be a good thing. I’ve been tagged by my brownie-in-law and I saw the fun that Paper Fury was having and I thought surely I must join in. Because why not talk about cake and books at every opportunity?

This tag was taken from #bookstagram and is officially #cakeflavoredbooktag

Also I’ll be altering this tag. Why? Because I like freedom. And because there is nooo way that I’ll have time to complete a whole 10 hashtags for books. The last book tag I did took me a month, folks. A month.



Scratch that. Just cake. Not death. Death by cake is out, too, so don’t get any ideas.

1. CHOCOLATE CAKE (a dark book you absolutely love)

Well… at first blush, I thought, well , boo. I don’t like dark books. Turns out I was wrong. Here’s a selection of the dark books that I’ve adopted and will keep despite their black hearts, thank you very much:


Stabby, snarky, and beautiful. <3


The Night Circus
Whimsical, heartfelt, and chilling.


2. VANILLA CAKE (a light read)

I’m not sure if what I consider ‘light’ is actually light. Like these contemporary fluff-ball books seem light to me, though I’ve never read them and frankly never will. I can’t even rummage a title from my brain but they usually have people lying on the grass with happy sun rays and maybe a dandelion or two. There might be the word ‘summer’ in the title.

But here are some books I liked that seem light to me.

883314  Love, Lies and Spies 10508431 12969560  183656

3. RED VELVET (a book that gave you mixed emotions)

This is actually accurate. When I eat red velvet, I always think: wow, so much food coloring. Wow. So red. So, despite protestations, I do have some mixed feelings about red velvet. That doesn’t stop me from eating it, though. Let’s be real.

Also kind of cheesy. A lot of plot holes.


The Miniaturist
Nothing happy happens. Everything is tragic.

4. CHEESECAKE (a book you would recommend to anyone)

I feel like this concept is fundamentally flawed. Like, what if you offered cheesecake to someone who was lactose intolerant? Are you a monster? They probably didn’t choose that– they probably dream about cheesecake and they can’t have it. 

There isn’t any such thing as a book that I’d recommend to anyone.

Except for this one:



5. COFFEE CAKE (a book you started but never finished)

I used to plow through a book no matter what, but I’ve come to realize that I really have very little time to read and so many books that I do want to curl up with, so my rule is: (except for review books) I read 100 pages and if I hate it, I quit. Here are a few that I’ve ground to a halt in, for various reasons:

A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)
This book is basically soft erotica.


The Selection (The Selection, #1)
SUPER cheesy writing.


Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1)
Demonic. Seriously.


6. CARROT CAKE (a book with great writing)

*fanfare* Enter


7. TIRAMISU (book that left you wanting more)


Luckily for all of us, these are both 5-book series, so… there is more. And it’s just as good.

That’s that! I confess that I have a hard time not just talking about the same 5 books over and over again (hello, Sanderson) but I’m in the middle of reading ‘The Daughter of the Pirate King’ and I’m sure I’ll start talking about that, too.

If you’re reading this, you’re tagged to participate. Cake, or death, remember?

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