Story Aesthetic: September

The wonder of electricity plays very highly in the {Project}, as does light and darkness.
It’s set (as you likely know) in the 1880s, when light was a marvel and it was still seen as a valuable commodity. (also three pictures this time because I love you)

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Story Aesthetic: August

Okay, so I couldn’t resist adding in these beautiful typewriters. (I can never resist typewriters- I have one sitting next to my computer; it holds my Kindle and it’s a perfect little muse) Still with the words, everyone. Plus, these typewriters are magic.

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Again, if anyone is interested, I get these photos totally free from

Story Aesthetic: July

In case you were wondering, not only books, but random pages of handwritten text are pretty important in the {Project}. And I love the handwriting here; it’s so neat and pretty.

Do you ever write long hand like this? For your story or in a journal? What kinds of important things do you write down?

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