Story Aesthetic: November

London: 1800s

Dickens lived in London in the 1800s, and I have this fabulous book about it. It’s called Victorian City and it has absolutely everything you could possibly need to know about streets and construction and horse-drawn everything. It’s perfect.

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Story Aesthetic: October

Okay, so technically, the story is neither set in a misty castle high on a hill, nor in a town influenced by Germanic-style architecture. However, the mystery and the carriage-time period are the items I’m going for here.

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An Important Update

So I’ve been pretty busy since May. I’ll write an entire post on this, but I wanted to pop in and leave this here. My home, my family’s business, and my livelihood is up to win a prestigious award from If we win, it’ll provide some much needed press for Latigo Ranch. Would you please consider voting?