Amanda_the_Bookish: Introduction to the World of Bookstagramming!

Great news, everyone! I’ve officially started a #bookstagram!

If you’re not sure what that is, it’s an Instagram profile dedicated totally to books (seriously, what could be better?)

I haven’t told them yet about the whole ‘sins’ and ‘wins’ book reviews that my Brownie in Law and I do occasionally, but you can bet that I’ll be adding those reviews soon.

If you have an IG, and even if you don’t, (what are you waiting for? It’s sooo much better than most other Social Media platforms– it’s a feed of 100% pretty pictures and nobody argues about politics on my feed) you should definitely pop on over there and give me a follow!


Screenshot 2017-11-19 11.04.35

Obviously, it’s pretty new, so I only have four photos up. On that note, it would be fantastic if you could tag me or introduce me to your favorite #bookchallenges and #bookstagrammers.