Swedish Settlers – A Genealogy Story

This is my husband’s family heritage. Never let anyone tell you genealogy is boring…

The Nomadic Troglodyte

I recently got my DNA tested by the MyHeritage.com folks, and they failed to mention that testing a girl (XX chromosome) yields less information that testing a boy (XY chromosome). It took me a while to piece together on my own, but when I initially got my results back, I was stumped.

No Swedish.

Come again? My grandmother’s maiden name was ‘Anderson’, and I knew of a few other Swedish connections on that side. That pesky chromosome! Anyhow, here is what I know from what has been studiously researched by others and handed to me in a three-ring binder (seriously, I’m not the only genealogy nut in the family – I’m just the most successful in the internet age):

I am descended from a couple named Anders and Svenborg (doesn’t that name sound femenine?) Person, who lived in Skåne, Sweden. They had a small estate, and one son – Peter…

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