The Patron Saint of Heirlooms: (My Antiques Obsession)

I love antiques, found items, and tangible history. That’s why, when I unwittingly stumbled across St. Signora, an online found and procured shop(as well as created) I had no idea what I was in for…

Seriously. If you love old things, beautiful things, handmade paper, or historical artifacts, take a second to head over to the website. You will not regret this. Your pocketbook might, but their prices are super reasonable.

I bought some really, really cool stuff. And it came today, so I wanted to share how awesome it all is. (Insert muffled and delighted shrieking)

Photo Mar 21, 20 31 08

What is it, you ask? Well. The top is a document written on handmade paper, in French (So I’ll translate it soon and let you know what it says!) from– get this– the date at the top is 1680. 1680. I own a French document that is older than the USA. Yeah.Photo Mar 21, 20 32 53Photo Mar 21, 20 32 59










Here it is, in all its happy glory. My husband is going to rig up a glass frame on a hinge so people can look at it but NOT TOUCH IT BECAUSE IT IS 337 years old. My little bibliophile/ retrophiliac self just can’t believe this. (retrophiliac is one of those crossword words that means ‘someone who has a strong liking for things from the past’.

But that’s not all I purchased. As you can see in the first image, I bought a beautiful silver platter (yes, it’s silver- plated on copper) and I can’t wait to bring donuts to the next dinner party my inlaws throw.

This is three images of the same thing (as much as I would have bought three of them, I resisted so you could have a chance…) A Warren MFG Co Penny Pen. These were made in North Manchester, Indiana, in 1890. I have no words for how awesome that is… I desperately want to try it out but I’m not sure I want to use it… no one else has, for over 100 years. Should I be the first?

I also received a lovely handwritten note inside the box. I love personal touches like this. I wonder if I could be their brand ambassador…

And lastly, but not least, I bought this little cutie:

Photo Mar 21, 20 32 35Photo Mar 21, 20 33 38










It’s a tiny gold plated calligraphy nib, in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. Since my newest novel {Project} is set in Paris, I bought it. It’s adorable and I think I maybe paid $3 for it.

Get this: It was created in 1889 (The EXACT year in which my book is set) and was sold to tourists who came to Paris for the Exposition Universelle. This little guy was present at the exact place, at the exact time that I am researching and I had no idea. It’s like a tangible piece of my story.

That’s such a cool coincidence, right?

Well. Take a gander at the St. Signora Instagram (It’s pretty much the best ever) I’m saving up for an antique inkwell (they have some absolutely amazing ones on the site), and I’d love to try calligraphy on their homemade papers.

I’m in heaven. What do you think?


One thought on “The Patron Saint of Heirlooms: (My Antiques Obsession)

  1. For all my interest in history, I’ve not always been passionate lover of all things vintage. My mom remarked on this oddity before. I’ve enjoyed going through antique stores, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist and germaphobe, and I like pristine items, so I don’t universally adore vintage, but rather vintage remakes. Old books are usually what I don’t care for, but I would pull books off my grandparents shelves, and one set is only available either old or in a terrible printed format, so I actually prefer the old books. I have a set of sterling silverware (I don’t know if its solid, I would guess not, I think I paid $25) which I found at an antique mall. I love older furniture and sometimes older clothes. I bought a lovely 1970’s dress online which I want to wear this summer. I love looking at vintage pins, and I have a gorgeous set of sterling 1970’s earrings. Our best vintage find was a 1940’s typewriter for my sister (she also recently bought a 1960’s one too, and she also loves the old cameras). I think I might want a typewriter. I would definitely like an old sewing machine. Another item type we universally like as a family is vintage luggage and briefcases. My sisters have two, and there is a lovely camel colored, round traincase from the 50’s at a store we saw recently that I just might have to get either for myself or my sister for her wedding.

    I like browsing etsy and will have to bookmark this site. The plate is gorgeous, that is something I would love. The pen nibs are lovely, but I’m a lefty and prefer the specially slanted ones, but an inkwell would be lovely and both would make awesome gifts.

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