History Facts: A {Project} Post

I hope you like learning– as well as reading, writing, and genealogy, because those are the things that really set my blood on fire. (Yes, researching long-dead ancestors excites me. Nobody promised I was normal.)

Here are some more interesting things I’ve learned about the 1800s. Here goes!

From 1810-1820:

Beethoven wrote his Fur Elise- 1810

The tin can, as a means of storing food in an airtight container- 1810
(Weirdly enough, the can opener wasn’t invented until 1870, so in the meantime, people used a hammer and chisel to open their canned food)

The Battle of Tippecanoe– 1811
(Never heard of this? I’m from Indiana and my family and I went to the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon Festival as often as we could. It’s set up at Fort Ouiatenon and was my favorite part of every year.

Louisiana joins the Union as the 18th state: 1812

Napoleon retreats from Moscow after 430,000 deaths.- 1812

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen was published- 1813

British burn down Washington D.C. -1814

The modern fire extinguisher was invented- 1818

One of my historical heroes, Stephen Decatur, was killed in a duel- 1820
(Seriously. Go look him up. He’s awesome.)

Well. I don’t know about you, but this entire collection of facts surprises me. Which do you find most fascinating?sailing-ship-vessel-boat-sea-37859
(as always, these fabulous graphics come from Pexels.com)


What do you think?

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