Paris, 1880s: A {Project} Post

Even though nobody commented on my last Project Post reveal, wherein I asked ‘What was happening in Paris in 1880?’ I’ll tell you. Because I’m very fond of you.

In May of 1889, something big came to Paris. Something exciting. The Exposition Universelle,  also known as the World’s Fair. It was here that crowds gathered to gawk and be seen.

The Eiffel Tower was the central motif of this Fair, as it was just being built, and visitors could pay a nominal fee to climb up to the first platform and see Paris from above. Sort of.

This event was held during the 100th year anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, an event considered symbolic of the beginning of the French Revolution.

Apparently, there were many exotic items on display, including a 1500 lb. statue of the venus de milo … made of chocolate!

I can’t wait to bring this period of history to life in my new novel, {Project}!eiffel-tower-paris-monument-symbol-161829


2 thoughts on “Paris, 1880s: A {Project} Post

  1. My anticipation is building! 1500 lb. statue of chocolate? Yes, please.

    (On your last PROJECT post, there is something wonky with the blog home page. There’s no title to click, and I only just figured out I can click the date to go to the actual post, but for a while I thought there was no way to comment. Maybe others had the same difficulty? Just thought I’d bring it to your attention in case it wasn’t intentional!)


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