Editing: A Necessary Evil


Yes, I said it.

I love editing, actually. To me, editing is finally getting to see the big picture. No matter whether you’re a write-all-the-draft-at-once-and-then-edit writer or the edit-for-an-hour-before-you-actually-write-anything writer, the moment when you write the end is really the moment you start to edit.

It’s like that moment when you pull your gorgeous chocolate cake out of the fridge and get to shave chocolate on the top. It’s adding those perfect last details to an art piece. It’s the moment when you get to have fun.

I love editing.

A lot of people hate it. It’s a stumbling block and a nuisance and why in the world can’t a writer just turn their work in and forget about editing?

Because. A writer’s head is not where a reader’s head is going to be, and no matter how awesome you are– if your first draft doesn’t really change when it becomes your last draft– you’re going to have some mistakes. Example: recently, I wrote a short story. Halfway through, I’d given a character a name. Later on, I said that ‘he’d become nameless with his post’. Well, obviously he hadn’t, because I had given him a name a few paragraphs before.

You not only need to edit, you need an editor. Maybe your story will get picked up by a traditional publishing company and they’ll edit for you, but you still ought to have your story looked over before that.

And I’m not saying that your sister should do it. Maybe she’s awesome and can catch every spelling error you’ve ever made. Maybe you have had a dozen ARC readers or beta readers look over it. (If you have, try to make sure that some of them don’t really like you. Or at least, they’re ambivalent. People who like you will be swayed to like your work. Trust me on this one.

Edit. It’s your best friend. Hire an editor or a proofreader. That will do wonders for your book.

(Full disclosure- I am not just saying this because I offer editing services. However, if you happen to be interested in those, click here.)

What about you? Do you hate editing, or are you more like me?


5 thoughts on “Editing: A Necessary Evil

      1. I am a communications director. Prior to that, I taught college English and public relations. As to blogging, I love writing and genealogy… combine them together, and I am in heaven.

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    1. That’s a possibility. (I have often said that I would love to be either a professional genealogist or a writer.) Maybe when I retire and/or when I finally have an empty nest…Until then, I am just too darn exhausted! 🙂

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