Author Elijah David- Interview

Hello, everyone! We have something very exciting on the blog today- an interview with author Elijah David. His book, Albion Academy, makes its grand debut soon.

Here’s the link for the Albion Academy paperback and here’s the link for the Kindle version.


Is a Djinni just a trickster? Can a wizard only learn magic? Must a Valkyrie always ferry the dead? 


5 thoughts on “Author Elijah David- Interview

  1. I have a question, Elijah. Tell me about the magic in Albion Academy. Is it a struggle for you to include magic, beneath the demeaning gazes of religious people everywhere?


    1. In Albion Academy, the magic is very generic fantasy magic a la Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Dresden Files, etc. However, there stands a general understanding in the magical community that magic forms itself into three branches of style, called the Great Magics: Name, Hand, and Word. Name magic uses True Names (think Wizard of Earthsea or The Name of the Wind); Hand magic relies on hand gestures and positions; and Word magic utilizes magical words (which are of course useless to us mere mortals). There is another tradition in the magical world which defines magic based on the intention of the wizard rather than the way in which they perform magic. This view uses four colors to define any given spell: black, red, gold, and silver. Each gives some insight into both the morality and skill of the wizard.

      As for including magic in my books, that’s never really been a struggle for me. I’ve always written fantasy, and magic tends to come hand in hand. I have had to work through what Scripture says about magic (as I wrote about here: and have come to the conclusion that most fantasy magic isn’t even remotely in the realm of what’s forbidden us as Christians. That being said, I understand there are people who for personal reasons (such as former occult involvement) or personal taste (magic just isn’t their thing) won’t care for it in my books. That’s okay.


      1. I love your take on magic, and I agree with you; I also love new and inventive magic systems… my husband and sister-in-law and I believe that Brandon Sanderson’s magic systems are some of the most beautiful and imaginative available. (Chalk? Metal? They’re just too awesome)
        Do you have a favorite magic system you’ve read or written (or want to write?~ Your secrets are safe here!) 🙂


  2. My favorite systems that I’ve read are Allomancy (the Mistborn books), the One Power (Wheel of Time), and the Charter (Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom series).

    My favorite system I want to write is a tie between one that’s based on the four elements (sort of a mix of Wheel of Time, Codex Alera, and the Ainur from The Silmarillion) and a system in which people’s destinies are revealed through a mark they are born with.


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