The Cold Houses of Hogwarts

Recently I was reading a Tumblr post about Pevensies (Chronicles of Narnia-but you knew that) and how Susan lost the way to Narnia when she became enamored of lipstick. (I honestly didn’t remember that from the books, but it’s been SO long, and I DO remember that she lost the way) About how Susan Pevensie not only lost Narnia, but she lost all her siblings in a train wreck- the woman who was queen, who spent a lifetime with her siblings ruling a magical land loses all of that and then loses her family too? I never realized how heartbreaking that was.

Anyway, that aside, I lost the Tumblr post (sorry) and was scrolling through the rest of the blog feed when an article dividing the Pevensies into Hogwarts houses popped up.

This will be interesting, I thought. My husband introduced me to HP on our first date, and I immediately fell in love, made an account on Pottermore, and was sorted into Ravenclaw. Surprise! (Not really)

In this Tumblr article, I saw the words ‘cold houses of hogwarts’. Not ‘house’- and NO I don’t think that Slytherins are cold. My best childhood friend was a self-sorted Slytherin. So. No black and white divisions here, thank you. One just goes on autopilot sometimes. (Plus, have you read the screeplay for HP and the Cursed Child? My favorite character is a Slytherin.)

Cold Houses of Hogwarts? What in the world?

There’s no fan alive who would say a Hufflepuff was cold. Nor a Griffindor. (Though Ron did have his moments, during the Deathly Hallows… *cough cough*)

Yep, the Tumblr post said it plain and simple: The Cold Houses of Hogwarts- Slytherin and Ravenclaw. As an INFJ- something about which I will talk in a next blog post- I was a little shocked. Okay. Offended.

What would make anyone say that Ravenclaws were cold? Knowledge does not equal coldness, not in my book. But let’s go ahead and look at what JK Rowling said in her book…


(Also, there’s this fabulous post over on Pottermore: 6 reasons to get excited if you’re sorted into Ravenclaw, which include: ‘With a triumphant eagle as their emblem and a glorious blend of blue and bronze as house colours, anyone Sorted into Ravenclaw is going to look automatically fabulous.’ and  the fact that Rowena Ravenclaw’s backstory is the most heartbreaking and intriguing of all of the founders’ stories.

Who do we know of who is a Ravenclaw (other than me, I’m not canon.) and plays heavy roles in the stories?

  1. Luna Lovegood
  2. Garrick Ollivander
  3. Cho Chang

So, we have here the believer, the craftsmen, and the lover. We’re going to talk mostly about Luna so this won’t be too long of a post.

Luna: The Believer. She is odd- and she likes it that way. She can always be found standing out a little because of what she’s wearing (Spectrespecs, for example) or what she’s saying (honestly, she’s the most candid character in anything I’ve ever read), but she’s not cold. Not even when people are cruel.

She can be found multiple times in the books comforting, defending, or supporting others. She protects Ron after he’s confunded in the Ministry of Magic, and defends Ginny before and after her ankle is broken. She comforts Harry after the death of Sirius. She comforts Hermione after Ron mocks her in Transfiguration. She uses her quirks to distract Harry after Snape sneers at him for wishing to be an Auror. Luna, Ginny, and Neville reinstated and led the DA during Harry’s absence. Luna was captured and held prisoner with Ollivander in the Malfoy Manor and she comforted the wandmaker.

These are just a few examples- I’m sure you can think of more. One of my favorite scenes from the book is after the Battle of Hogwarts when she distracts everyone so Harry can escape and get some peace and quiet:

Luna: “I’d want some peace and quiet, if it were me.
Harry Potter: “I’d love some.
Luna: “I’ll distract them all. Use your cloak. Oooh, look, a Blibbering Humdinger!

Luna: the Believer, the Defender, the Supporter- the Ravenclaw. She’s the least-cold person in the stories; she’s the most transparent, quirky, and honest character.

In some ways, the beauty of Harry Potter was that every reader found something to love. The intelligent believer, the brave traitor, the persistent hero, the sweet and bossy sidekick, the quidditch king, and Neville. (Anyone got a good nickname for him? The snake-slayer?)

In some ways, the houses divide the fans of Harry Potter. (Especially as far as merchandise goes… seriously. If you want Griffindor or Slytherin merch, it’s out there. You’ve got to look a LOT harder for Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, am I right?)

So. Which house are you? Are there any misconceptions or divisions that you feel need to be righted?


(images from Pottermore)





4 thoughts on “The Cold Houses of Hogwarts

  1. As a self-sorted Hufflepuff, I must say that I believe a common misconception is a lack of cleverness. This is a misconception batted down at every turn: Newt Scamander – foremost expert in magical creatures, Cedric Diggory – the lad who figured out the golden egg puzzle of the Tri-wizard Tournament, or Nymphadora Tonks – who has the wile and cleverness to be an undercover agent as an auror for the Ministry of Magic (did I mention that she aced her N.E.W.T.s?). And I feel very strongly that our profound cleverness is exhibited most profoundly in the location of our common room: right next to the kitchens. Warm. Cozy. Near Food. Strategically it is both central and protected. We have the smartest location for our common room.
    Sure, we are loyal. Yes, we are brave. You betcha, we have grit. But it isn’t mindless.
    We. Are. Clever. Too.


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