The Importance of Beautiful Things

After the last two posts, I thought perhaps it was time for something a little lighter.

Maybe. After all, I’m a very serious person (as told to me by a guest at the ranch where I live and work ).

I think it’s important to surround yourself with beautiful things. Things that you love. No one else has to love them, just you. (I’m not advocating rebellion against standards or plastering Zootopia posters all over your sibling’s side of the bedroom, bear that in mind).

But I am saying: embrace the things that make you happy. If that’s Teavana’s White Chocolate Peppermint tea, buy some. If that’s classical music, listen to it. If that’s Funko Pop figurines of the Avengers, go for it.

I worried my entire childhood what people thought of me. I bent my own personality to embrace things I didn’t love. Now, buying something that I want just for me (said Teavana tea is one of those things- I adore it) is a real treat. Admitting that I hate war movies was pretty freeing- while I wanted to spend time with my brother, I am INFJ, and I can’t handle war movies very well. Learning that it’s okay to be different, to be you– maybe you all have that figured out. But I didn’t, not for a long time.

If you love something nobody else loves, don’t let that discourage you. Embrace it. Maybe someone will come along and you could introduce them to a new language, a new artist, a new book, or a new way of looking at their lives.

Be yourself, kindly.

What are some things that you love?


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Beautiful Things

  1. I love this. I too grew up constantly paranoid of what others thought of me, my likes, my dislikes, and usually just went with what everyone else was doing. It’s taken time for me to feel free to embrace myself and is something I’m constantly striving towards and encouraging others to do so themselves!


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