~14 beautiful things

Hello, everyone! I got married!


If you follow me on any of my social media sites, you probably already know that. Just in case you didn’t:

  1. I met S 3 years ago on his family’s ranch in Colorado.
  2. Mirriam Neal had a great deal to do with getting me to Colorado.
  3. S and I bonded over Tolkien, atomic energy, Harry Potter (He read me the very first page on our first date and read the entire series out loud until he read me the very last page on our honeymoon <3) writing (he writes too), food (he’s the dessert chef at the ranch), and a whole parcel of other random things.
  4. Our first conversation was about my book- He’d bought it and read it so he could talk to me. (Aww)
  5. We’ve worked together on the ranch for three years (he’s the dessert/dinner chef= everyone has more than one job) and I’m the head waitress and beverage manager (that’s new, as of this last month).
  6. We got married November 1st.
  7. It was here, on the Ranch, and only about 35 people, almost all family came. I wore my grandmother’s fur cape, he wore his fedora, we had a bagpiper, and we livestreamed the service so anyone could tune in.
  8. He made our wedding cake. We also served our guests food during the dinner, instead of having a reception line. It was great. My sister in law/ best friend/ fellow muse made me a wedding apron.
  9. One of my bridal showers was on Halloween, one day before the wedding, and so the Nomadic Troglodyte/ my sister in law and I dressed up as pirates, her cousin came as a unicorn, mine came as an apocalyptic Tinkerbell, and I accidentally dyed my eyebrows golden with mica. So the pictures of me during the wedding, (not the shoot above) I have golden-tinged eyebrows. It’s fun.
  10.  We spent an entire morning in a bookstore on our honeymoon.
  11. Our house is tiny- two rooms + a bathroom (no, two rooms. Not two bedrooms. Two. Rooms.) And I love it. Except I brought 28 boxes of books from home. There’s no room for us. Just books. (Also, if you were thinking about getting me a present- buy me a book. I’m addicted. I just discovered Marie Brennan‘s Memoirs of Lady Trent and I am in LOVE.
  12. I’m very much into genealogy. For my wedding, my sister in law and I printed off our huge massive project of the summer- a 2000 person family tree that connected my husband and I at the bottom. It was epic. I’ll regale you with some ancestry stories sometime- I have a LOT. And I can teach you how to do it too, if you want.
  13. I’ve missed you all, and I hope you will follow my blog here again (notice it’s not inkmademaiden.wordpress.com anymore, but rather amandabradburn.com. Woohoo! I’ll keep it. My new last name is George, and there are lots of Amanda Georges in the world, but only one Amanda Bradburn. Or two. I think there’s two.
  14. I’m still writing, and S is very supportive. I’ve come up with a new idea just a few days ago- and I’ll run it past you all soon. If you want. No pressure.

Here’s another picture from the wedding.

Leave a comment and let me know what you’ve been up to the past year or so.

10 thoughts on “~14 beautiful things

  1. Oh my goodness! CONGRATULATIONS!! 🙂 That’s just spectacular and I love this post. ^_^ *now curious about genealogy etc.* I wish you all the best and hope you both live happily ever after!! <3 And I SO look forward to hearing more writing things from you in the future! 😀

    1. A space-fantasy timetravel story for NaNo called The Library in the Stars. It’s on hold while I recover from my 50K words. XD Also The Secret of Kedran’s Wood, book 2 in my contemporary fantasy series, which I’ve been working on for awhile (largely because it contains my favorite-ever character). And The Other Half of Everything, which… kind of defies description? Part world-hopping fantasy story, part YA contemporary romance, about a musical girl and a writer guy, vaguely inspired by Diana Wynne Jones. 🙂 Those are my three main ones this year. You?

      1. Just brainstorming. I finished a short story presently called ‘Mirror Mirror’ that has nothing to do with Snow White and everything to do with vanishing children and an antique store.
        I’ve been in a huge writing dead zone for years, it seems like. I’m plotting a new historical fantasy that I’ll write about on this blog at some point.

        I LOVE the title ‘The Other Half of Everything’ <3

  2. Hey! Lots been going on here. I am married with two beautiful kids Wyatt and Emily. They keep me pretty busy that’s for sure. Wyatt’s in preschool now. I always enjoy reading your posts on here! Congrats again on your wedding 🙂 Miss you bunches!

    Sara Stivers

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